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Adventure Awaits - Wanderlust Campers Unveiled

Today we are super proud to bring you our Wanderlust Campers launch conversion for the VW T5 & T6. Phil was so excited and energised to bring his 15 years of European camper van design and production to Australia, but the journey to get to this point has been far from easy. It is so amazing for me to see this van finally completed after thousands of hours watching Phil agonise over every detail in a computer design programme and then every hour spent testing out every material and refining the design in the actual build process. Our children could probably tell you something about every detail of this van due to lengthy dinner time conversations - being the child of a indecisive perfectionist is never easy. I bring the chaos so I am sure it will balance out eventually!

To get to this point has been a long journey of nearly two years. It isn't quite as easy to source components in Australia as it is in Europe. He also took the rather more challenging approach of designing his own elevating roof rather than using a roof that is designed in Germany like a lot of other camper van companies in Australia. Phil was determined that he wanted a roof with full standing room the length of the camper yet was low profile enough to be stored in a garage. He couldn't source one like that in Australia so he brought together a range of master craftspeople in Australia and created his own. It certainly wasn't the easiest approach and it definitely wasn't the most cost effective. I'm not sure I would have agreed to it if I had realised exactly what was involved. However, he has done it. Woo hoo! He has created an elevating roof, that is manufactured 100% in Australia. The roof indeed offers full standing height the length of the camper van making the whole camper van experience much more comfortable and convenient. The elevated roof is light and airy with intelligent ventilation, insect screens and windows. Phil also has designed an optional roof bed that can accommodate 1 adult or 2 children. As Phil originally envisaged the elevating roof in a down position is streamlined so it can be easily accommodated in most standard residential garages. The roof has been created to look streamlined like an original part of the VW roof, not an awkward cumbersome add-on.

The interior of the van is design led. Every millimetre of space has been scrutinised by Phil to ensure that the space is optimised. Phil tested out so many materials and woods to use inside the van. He wanted a material that was hardwearing, lightweight and one that looked nice. After much scrutinisation Phil opted for a lightweight composite plywood for the cabinetry, It is beautifully tactile and available in a range of colours. We believe customers should be able to express their own personality and chose the colour that they would like for their cabinetry. We have sourced premium appliances for the van, including an exquisite folding sink from Italy. We appreciate that out customers will all have their own approach to cooking and we will install the cook top they chose, wether they prefer gas, ceramic plate, a barbecue or a portable ceramic hot plate. The kitchen design offers as much storage as possible without compromising the standing space and the counter top.

The bed seat was sourced from France and features two three point seat belts and two child seat anchor points for maximum safety. The bed seat offers the optimal sleeping space and comfort. Two large deep drawers are positioned under the bed seat for storing bedding and essentials. A hidden long storage area is also located under the bed seat for storing umbrellas or fishing equipment. The front seats have been fitted with swivel bases to enhance your living space.

The journey to create this van was long but that shows in the final design and craftsmanship. I am so proud of the journey Phil has taken with this van from concept to completion.

We can't wait to create lots of amazing Wanderlust Camper Vans and see where in the world they will go to. Those who wander are never lost. Adventure Awaits..........



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