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VW T6.1 Conversion





Our cabinetry is handcrafted using a speciality lightweight ply covered in a luxury, tactile composite. Our cabinetry is available in over 10 colours. The cabinetry also features curved lightweight aluminium. Our benchtop is made from your choice of lightweight ply or bamboo. The ergonomic layout incorporates as much storage as possible including kitchen drawers, wardrobe hanging space, shelves and deep under bed storage.


Our VW T6.1 conversion features our very own elevating roof design. The Wanderlust side elevating roof offers full standing height the length of the camper van. This makes for a more comfortable travel experience and a much greater feeling of space.


The roof took 15 months to build from concept to completion and involved a number of Australian master craftspeople. The roof has been meticulously designed to be low profile enabling the van to be parked in garages. The low profile offers superior aerodynamic performance and is designed to look discreet, like an intrinsic part of the original van design. The Wanderlust elevating roof combines custom made aluminium extrusion, fibreglass composite and quality canvas offering superior water and mildew resistance without compromising on breathability. As an optional extra, you can have a roof bed which will comfortably accommodate one adult or two small children. 


The elevated roof is lightweight and easy to operate. Four screened vents offer optimal ventilation and superior air flow. 



Our T6 conversion features top of the range appliances including an 80L Dometic fridge and a Dometic round sink with a folding tap. The fridge is backed by an Australia wide 3 year warranty for peace of mind on the road. 


Our T6 conversion features a spacious double bed seat 133cm wide by 185cm long. Our bed is made from a luxury high-density foam to ensure a restful nights sleep. A longer bed seat is available.


The electrical controller is intelligently situated adjacent to the bed to enable effortless control of lights etc. 



Campervan conversion technology

Our T6.1 conversion features an intelligent electrical management system. Including built-in dual charge battery system which enables the vehicle battery to charge the leisure battery. The built in smart charger which runs all the equipment and charges the leisure battery when on mains hook up. It features a solar regulator to manage a 120W solar panel. Fresh and waste water sensors to manage tank levels. 

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