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wanderlust campers conversion

Wanderlust Campers is a quest to combine design and function within a campervan conversion.

A desire to create a camper van that can be truly be used as a dual purpose vehicle. One that is as comfortable and stylish for everyday use as it is practical for weekend adventures and travelling further afield.


Every detail within our camper van is carefully considered. Every material used is evaluated for weight, durability and aesthetic. Significant consideration has been given to ergonomics and functionality to create superior living and sleeping spaces. Our appliances have been selected for their functionality and design. Our customers can travel and rest easy in the knowledge that every part of their Wanderlust journey has been carefully thought out and tested.


wanderlust campers - phil patterson

Our designer; Phil Patterson spent 15 years in Europe working and collaborating with leading camper van manufacturers. During his career, Phil's designs have received numerous awards for his camper van designs. Phil likes challenging the status quo with camper van design and incorporating new materials and technologies. Phil has relished the challenge of sourcing and experimenting with new materials in Australia. He collaborated with several master craftspeople to launch the Wanderlust Campers Volkswagen T5/T6 design in 2016. 


Kelly has 15 years of consumer PR experience and looks after all our PR and marketing needs in house. 


Phil Patterson


Kelly Baker



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